My Need to Journal

Journaling is so important for my health. It is my home base, my solace. It may seem difficult at times but if all it takes is sitting down for 10 minutes a day to center your thoughts, it may be the best time you give yourself all day. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to write. Even if I only had a moment. I loved writing letters, poems, and short stories but at the end of the day it was my journal that always guided my writing. I treated it as a place to write down whatever was in my head. What usually began as a stream on consciousness, found it's way into that nugget of wisdom I was searching for. Journaling has taught me a valuable lesson: You already have everything you seek. This served me well when I transitioned into acting. I felt an inner pull to be a storyteller in it's physical form. I let the words of the writers guide me so that I could live inside their truth. As a writer, I understand that each black and white letter is there for a reason. There is always truth, and if you can break through and find yourself inside that world, you have a chance to be a instrument of creation.

I encourage you to grab a pen and a notebook and just start. You may surprise yourself at what comes out. Let it just be for you. Be free with the pen. Trust me, many of my entries start off with...."I'm not sure what to write..." And as long as I keep going, a few sentences in, something wonderful happens. Just go with it and remember, it's just for you, do not censor your thoughts. After a week, 10 minutes a day it will start to become part of you. Do this when it feels right, morning, evening, it's up to you but if you are consistent it could change your life.

With Love and Curiosity,


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