Kat goes to Africa!

My trip to Africa was truly special. I got to share it with my amazing family. It truly was the trip of a lifetime but it did take a lot of planning. It's easy to panic at the thought of what to pack, what to wear and what to prepare for when traveling the world. If you are planning a trip to Kenya and Tanzania here are a few items that helped me have a wonderful relaxing time while on safari.

Check List for your African Safari:

UShake Mosquito Hat

This hat is a lifesaver! It has a retractable net so you don't have to use it if it's not too buggy but it will keep the sun off your face and it's breathable so it will keep you cool. Also while on the open air rovers as seen above, you need a strap under your chin so your hat doesn't fly off. This is the perfect hat! Trust me. I went with the Green one but it also comes in Dark Grey and Khaki. Totally worth the $16.97 price tag.

Maxi-Deet Insect Repellant

Deet and lots of it. Okay I tried some of the more organic approaches to this but when it comes down to it, when in Africa, you need Maxi-Deet. It's one thing to get natural and organic at home but when I strongly recommend this and it comes in a convenient 3oz travel ready bottle. Buy two if you are going for more than 5 days to be safe. Only $8.47 per bottle.

BugsAway Jacket

Ok, last thing to keep the bugs away. This jacket really came in handy. With zipped pockets and mesh fabric, I was able to wear this everyday out on Safari in the Serengeti. My color of choice is Carbon but they also have White or Tawney as well to match your style.

Camera Memory Cards

You are going to want a lot of these! And choose the best ones for your camera. Here are the ones I like and they have never let me down. I like the SanDisk Extreme Pro. Go for at least 64GB or 128GB. Make sure they are formatted and ready to go before you head off on your trip.

Power Bank

While out in the Serengti you may not have a chance to head back to camp and with that said you'll need a few extra things. A power bank to charge your devices or camera is essential. This is the one I have. Charges quick and lasts a long time. It also comes with several cords for all your devices in one place.

Have a wonderful time on your trip! Traveling with friends or loved ones? Know someone who is planning a big trip? Check out my blog post: Gifts for Travelers. Be safe and Bon Voyage!


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