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Kat grew up just outside of Chicago, in Naperville, IL.  She spent her time dancing ballet, kicking around a soccer ball and being a champion hop-scotcher.  After touring with the Chicago Festival Ballet, she moved on to High School where the stage called her in a different way.  She began acting in school plays and community theatre and went on to study film at Arizona State University.  Kat spent her final college days in London, England to study Shakespeare, Acting, and English literature.  Appearing in “Twelfth Night” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, she was able to get close to the bard and be fully immersed in a different culture before heading west to Los Angeles.


Her most recent credits include “Ryde”, a dark thriller feature film which she wrote and acts in.  Kat is also the host of the Whiskey and The World Podcast.  She is currently stretching her music skills as the Drummer for Joe Lecrivain.  Kat also spends her time working with Beadaholique, a web-based retail company selling jewelry components.  She films YouTube tutorials for their 495,000+ subscribers featuring her jewelry designs.  Her designs have been in various publications, such as Jewelry Stringing Magazine, and have even been featured by Swarovski Crystal.


Kat has always been an avid traveler.  Her most recent destinations include, China, Tibet and Africa.  While she stays close to LA for work she is always looking for a good adventure.  Kat is very active in the Los Angeles community.  She can be seen attending events and hosting them.  And when you can’t see her, she is sitting in a dark movie theatre witnessing magic.

Africa 2017

Thanks of joining me on this crazy adventure!  Here you will find fun things about me and my life. I love traveling, writing, filmmaking, and doing my best to inspire those around me!  

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Kat Silvia in Xian China